A career in software engineering/programming can be one of the most rewarding yet strenuous careers currently in the market. The demand for software engineers, programmers and data scientist/data analyzers are only increasing as a lot more tasks are being performed using softwares. If you hope to be successful in this field, listed below are the top 10 skills you must have/acquire:

Eagerness to Learn:

A software engineer’s willingness will determine how quickly he can bounce back from failure. Are you the type of programmer that gives up once a syntax error? or are you the type of programmer that searches stack overflow, looking…

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As a beginner programmer, it is important that you master the fundamentals/basics. One of the basic concepts that is important for you to understand is loops. Being able to understand what for and while loops are, and when to properly implement them in your program or algorithm is a necessary step to becoming a seasoned programmer.

When I started learning/teaching myself how to write programs and solve algorithms, this was a topic I personally struggled with. But the more I practiced and the more algorithms I solved, the more I got the hang of it. …


In recent posts, I have talked about different Python projects and the importance of building projects. In today’s article, I will be talking about creating your very own countdown timer in Python.

By building this project, you will learn the importance of importing modules, how to handle user input data and a great deal about while loops and the use of counters in programming.

Looking for interesting Python projects that look good on your portfolio? Look no further. Check out this post I wrote about cool Python projects you can complete in a weekend.


For this tutorial, we will be…

In python, when we are handling exceptions and errors, we use the try, except and an optional finally statement/clause. In today’s article, I will be talking about handling exceptions and errors in python using various examples.


In python, there are two main types of errors:

Syntax Errors: A syntax error occurs when you misplace a letter or a symbol in your code block. Usually when a syntax error occurs, python will usually point to the direction where the error occurred.

Exceptions: In Python, all exceptions must be instances of a class that derives from . In a try statement with…

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In this tutorial, I will be walking you through how to create your first website using the Python web framework, Django. If you’d like to know what Django is and you need some inspiration in building your first few projects, check out the posts below:

Installing Python and Django on your machine

First, we want to install Python on our machine. We can download it from the official Python website. Choose the package for your machine ie, if you’re on Windows, use the Windows installation package.

Then we install the Django software using the command pip install Django.

Creating your Project folder and App folder

After making sure our software installed properly on our…

With Python being such a diverse and beginner-friendly programming language, coupled with its recent boost in popularity, it is no surprise that there are very popular applications of the language.

According to the official ranking list of programming languages curated by Redmonk, a popular analyst firm, Python climbed up to the number 2 spot, tying with Java, with JavaScript being the runner-up.

Python is a robust and rapidly growing programming language that offers easy-to-use lines of code, flexibility, and is widely used around the world — along with many other benefits. …

What is a search algorithm?

As the name implies, Search Algorithms are used in helping to check for and retrieve an element form different data structures. Some of examples of search algorithms include Linear Search, Binary Search algorithms, etc.

Search algorithms are separated into two (2) main categories based on the type of search you want to perform:

Sequential Search: A sequential search algorithm is commonly implemented on unsorted lists. It is essentially an algorithm that is executed sequentially once through, from start to finish without other processing executing e.g. Linear Search

Interval Search: Interval Search algorithms are designed for searching in sorted data structures…

In the last article, we talked about what algorithms are the different types of algorithms we can implement in python. In today’s post, we will talk about one of those algorithms called the Tree Traversal Algorithm, what they are, and the different ways we can traverse a tree.

What is a Tree Traversal Algorithm?

Traversal Algorithm is a process in which we visit all the nodes of a tree and you can print their values too. Since all the nodes in the tree are connected by edges, we will always start from a root node. There are three (3) different ways we can traverse a tree:

What are algorithms?

Algorithms are a set of well defined instructions, designed to accomplish a particular task/solve a specific problem. For example, let’s say you wanted to design an algorithm to get ready for work, there’d be a sequence of steps you would have to follow in order to complete that task and when defining those steps, you would be specific as possible, i.e. You wake up, you then get of your bed, you wear your flip flops (the more detailed you are, the smoother the process is) and the same thing goes for computers. Contrary to popular belief, computers are very, very…

What is a Text Editor?

A text editor is a software/ program that allows the user to edit plain text. When it comes to programming, this is the most important software you’ll have to use. A text editor can either be downloaded or can be used in the cloud(integrated development environment or IDE). With programming being so popular, it is only important to choose the right environment to allow you perform at your very best. Listed below are the top five (5) best python text editors and Web IDEs


While curating this list, I had 2 main criteria:

  1. Ease of use: How easy is it…


I am a Python Web App developer and Machine learning Engineer.

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