A career in software engineering/programming can be one of the most rewarding yet strenuous careers currently in the market. The demand for software engineers, programmers and data scientist/data analyzers are only increasing as a lot more tasks are being performed using softwares. If you hope to be successful in this field, listed below are the top 10 skills you must have/acquire:

Eagerness to Learn:

A software engineer’s willingness will determine how quickly he can bounce back from failure. Are you the type of programmer that gives up once a syntax error? or are you the type of programmer that searches stack overflow, looking…

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As a beginner programmer, it is important that you master the fundamentals/basics. One of the basic concepts that is important for you to understand is loops. Being able to understand what for and while loops are, and when to properly implement them in your program or algorithm is a necessary step to becoming a seasoned programmer.

When I started learning/teaching myself how to write programs and solve algorithms, this was a topic I personally struggled with. But the more I practiced and the more algorithms I solved, the more I got the hang of it. …

What is Google SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Google SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages to reach higher positions on the Google Search Engine. This is done by making small/minor changes to our websites. In today’s article, we will be talking about how to optimize your Django-based web application/ website for Google SEO.

Looking for cool and interesting projects to build using the python web framework Django? Look no further! Check out this article I posted a while back talking about cool and beginner-friendly Django projects you can build in a weekend!

Or are you…


Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that deals with handling aspects of the human brain, for example, Image detection, Object identification and classification, class prediction, etc. All the aforementioned examples are tasks that the human brain could accomplish. Machine learning aims at modelling the human brain by creating Artificial Neural Networks (representing the neurons present in our brain) to make educated guesses.

These are some major applications in the automotive industry

Self Driving/ Automated Cars: With recent advancements in technology and modern day Artificial Intelligence becoming more and more advanced…

What is impostor syndrome? And how do you overcome it?

The impostor syndrome can be defined as the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. Impostor Syndrome plagues even the most experienced programmers, so if the above definition fits your situation, don’t be scared as you probably aren’t alone

In today’s article, we will be talking about impostor syndrome, how it affects programmers, and how you can overcome it.

Why do you have it?

When you give into impostor syndrome as a programmer, you experience feelings of being a fraudulent programmer. You begin to have feelings of uncertainty and…

A very pythonic way to build your first web application

In today’s article, we will be talking about creating your first web application using the Python web framework, Flask. If you don’t know what flask is, or you’re even a Django developer looking to get into using the flask web framework, check out these articles I’ve written:

And without further ado, here’s how to create your first web application using Flask

Install Flask on your local machine environment. If you have anaconda installed on your local machine, go to your anaconda command prompt and run conda install -c anaconda flask.

Create a folder where we can create our application. For…

If you’re doing these things, you are most likely in tutorial hell

Does this sound like you? You get interested in programming, so you enroll in a 6-month Coding Bootcamp, easily shelling out at least $6,000. While at the Bootcamp, you build some projects but you don’t completely understand how you did it. After you’ve graduated from the Bootcamp, you begin to watch YouTube tutorials and you start building projects but you still don’t understand what you are doing. At this point, you’re two years in, about $7000 down the drain (assuming you bought online courses, which more than likely, you did) and you still have no idea of what you’re doing.

What is Classification?

A classification algorithm is a program that separates different data points into different classes. As the name implies, we can use classification for classification problems e.g. If the image is a cat or dog, If there’s a stop sign present in an image(which can be used to train automated cars), etc. There are different types of classification algorithms and in today’s article, we will be discussing the different types of classification algorithms.

Check out some pretty interesting posts I’ve written in the past:

Decision Trees: A decision tree is a type of algorithm that includes controlled conditional statements to classify…

An in-depth explanation of a broad concept

Contrary to popular beliefs, Artificial Intelligence is more common today than ever before. From the software on our phones to the chatbots we use on websites, A.I is so integrated in our lives that one can only wonder how we lived before. So what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? and what is Machine Learning and why do people mix this two terms up?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science dealing with simulations of Intelligent behaviors in computers. It involves the machines that performs tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence. This includes…

Using a function within another function!

What are Python decorators?

To understand what decorators are, you must first understand what functions are in Python. Functions are a set of logical arguments that returns a value based on the given arguments. Now that we know what functions are, Decorators are essentially called functions. Decorators add functionality to an existing function with decorators. This term is what we call Metaprogramming.

You might be wondering, how do decorators work? A function can take a function as an argument(The function to be decorated) and return the same function with or without an extension.

Essentially, a decorator takes a…

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